Hi, I'm Nancy

Work Duration
2 years
Favorite Treat
Lavender and Vegan Chocolate
Favorite thing about working at the Shop(pe)
I enjoy working at the Shop(pe) because being a part of a small, female-owned business with great friends makes me really proud! Every voice is heard and every opinion is considered- I’ve been extremely lucky to work for a small business that utilizes everyone’s skills as much as the Shop(pe) does!
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I love mixing together our Lavender and Honey flavors topped with our complimentary chocolate cookie crumbs. They make one of my favorite overall duos. :)

Nancy's Bangerz

I love that each team member has their own playlist since our music tastes vary greatly yet we all have some of the same songs on each of our playlists! I'd like to think that my playlists consist of my most played music from my personal music library. I like to have familiar songs playing when working and it's fun when customers and I have conversations over artists/songs!
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Thank you to everyone for supporting small and local during this difficult time! We greatly appreciate your kindness!! :)

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