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Hi, I'm Lily!

Work Duration
4 years
Favorite Treat
Cappuccino Crunch and Coachella Valley Date
Favorite thing about working at the Shop(pe)
My time at the Shop(pe) has always been memorable. Working here has made me appreciate how fun and chic Palm Springs truly is. From the fun work environment to the amazing workers, each day makes me look forward to coming into work.
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I love that we have created a space filled with fun ice cream flavors + a variation of gifts.

All Lily vibes,
all in one playlist

My Spotify playlist is curated by some of my fav top down anthems. I have a little bit of sad bops + some really funky beats. I would happily get a speeding ticket for any of these songs.
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A huge thank you to the customers that continue showing the Shop(pe) their support.