Hi, I'm Kayla!

Work Duration
3 years
Favorite Treat
Watermelon Sorbet w/ La Croix Soda Float
Favorite thing about working at the Shop(pe)
There’s always something to look forward to! Whether that be new items in the shop, new ice cream flavors, or new faces coming to visit - it’s never a boring day
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I love our
lavender ice cream +
wide array of puzzles.

Okay, Kayla. Go off.

My Spotify playlist consists of pop, r&b, and some Coachella 2013 vibes (because that was the best year, of course)... My inspiration? 6pm sunset vibes, driving down PCH, windows down, zero fu- worries!
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We appreciate all of the love and support for us here at Shop(pe)! It’s such a joy sharing our passion for ice cream, gifts, and everything Palm Springs with all of you!

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