Hi, I'm Jasmine!

Work Duration
2 years
Favorite Treat
Banana Foster and Cookies and Cream
Favorite thing about working at the Shop(pe)
I love working at the Shop(pe) because since my first day about two years ago, it has always been a safe, fun, and friendly environment. The shop itself is a beautiful small business that has the best ice cream flavors I’ve had and the gift shop has introduced me to many amazing small brands from all over. I also feel really involved because we are always asked for input, ideas, and any ways to improve which is really important as a worker.
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I love our team, the shop environment, and the new fun items that come in.

Got the Shop(pe) house jumpin' like Jasmine

I chose the songs on my playlist because I like to have a little bit of every genre and I like to have both English and some Spanish to keep it fun. I also try to choose more upbeat songs just because when I walk in a store I like to hear those kind of songs.
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Thank you to all the friendly faces who come in and support the shop, whether it’s buying ice cream, shop items, and even just spreading the word.

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